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This course aims at redefining the role of nature in the realm of media education, by returning to natural environments as a place of teaching and exploring its effect on students, as well as bringing aspects of nature into virtual environments. Participants are encouraged to engage in the learning process while directly experiencing the natural environment and drawing inspiration from it. The Goal is to cultivate novel collaborative artistic experimentation among participants from different institutions and localities within natural and virtual environmental contexts and to allow them to critically design and present small scale artworks in order to raise the environmental awareness to their audience, as well as to integrate sustainability approaches into their own creative practices, scientific work and everyday life.

Course Description / Introduction

Learning Material

Documentation and Evaluation

The creation of these resources has been (partially) funded by the ERASMUS+ grant program of the European Union under grant
no. 2022-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000088645.

Neither the European Commission nor the project’s national funding agency DAAD are responsible for the content or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these resources.